MEV focus: Know-How → Standards → patent identification and commercial conversion

During the years beginning around 1990 with Cheops Bildverarbeitung, Sensor-to-Image and the cooperation with EMVA we build quite some long-time experience with:

  • legal contracts for custom development in the electronic design- and manufacturing industry
  • clearly isolate customer- and deliverer-KnowHow to set the level of expectation right in these contracts
  • legal identification and technical integration of 3rd-party IP, e.g. FPGA cores from XILINX Inc., in customer projects and contracts
  • legal identification and technical integration of existing customer KnowHow into standards, like e.g. GigEVision®, and separate/defend this KnowHow from other standards and patents
  • and, at the end, convert the customer KnowHow into extended customer branding and sales

which worked out for our customers over all the years of operation, never had any issues with legal authorities and was one of the main reasons of the successful exit at S2I. While the financial world is picking up these thoughts these days as well as e.g. "patent-valuation" , we can offer a practical and economic path, especially to small- and mid-sized-companies, with the added ideas of:

  • focused on and experienced in machine vision: identify "unknown" or unfinished KnowHow at the client company
  • consider standards as intermediate or maybe even better KnowHow protection and short term sales booster for the client company
  • use the international standards of ISO/IEC and ITE as a free KnowHow protection with a client company adapted patent/standards comparison

to all interested companies around the world with a more details available in this PDF. If that looks good to you, please have a look at our standardized kick-off program

MEV general services:

we offer

  • machine vision consulting- and implementation services
  • FPGA consulting- and implementation services
  • open-source IT consulting, implementation and administration
  • general administration-, finance- and operations services

to start-up's, foreign- as local-companies, who are interested in the German speaking market with the main motivation to use the small team of MEV because of it's long-term experience with authorities, banks, deliverers in the German speaking market. With these services we will use the established tools and contacts, which are used to run MEV in itself, so we can offer the most efficient delivery-time and cost to you.

Interested in any MEV service? Please let us know at for more details!